Thursday, 19 July 2012

Now what?

So it dawned on me I'm going to be 31 on that makes me in my thirties....yep, not just turned 30 actually in them, as in swimming in a grown up sensible capable decade....oh help!!
Single, 4 kids, no job at present, still sleeping on the sofa in a council flat with no central heating.  Still jumping into wild ideas about where we're gonna move to, or what I'm going to study next, which job will fit round them and allow me to have it all! Yeah right like that would ever exist!
Am I a failure? Some days I feel like one, other days I look at the kids and think wow, they're great, they are healthy, mostly polite (teenager the exception, but hey that's kind of the law), seem happy enough.....

I don't know, am I supposed to be married with a mortgage and savings and a couple holidays a year....

For now I'll just keep smiling on the outside and if anyone asks I'll say I'm 29, gives me at least another year to sort my act out :)