Friday, 10 February 2012

Footsteps through the snow

Loved the walk to school today.  Took the time just to look around us and enjoy the atmosphere.  I know it's an inconvenience for many and to spare a thought to all the homeless out in it or the elderly that can't afford to heat their homes.  London is so busy and overcrowded yet so many are still isolated or alone.  I know this all too well through my work; how the vulnerable live and how even a little time or input makes a difference to someones whole week.  I hope everyone makes a difference to someone elses life today.

Ok, I know the last pic is not a snow shot, but doesn't Nelly look cosy? :)

Monday, 6 February 2012

Childrens books

I spent a lovely evening with my daughter just lounging around eating junk and reading to each other, with the TV banned for the night as it's so easy just to all be in the same room yet ignore each other! I should set a day each week really where it is completely banned, maybe I'll try that, not sure what these guys will think though! Can just imagine the comments from my 13 year old film critic!

We got started on her Michael Morpurgo box set she got for Christmas, the book we chose was 'Alone on a Wide Wide Sea'.  The blurb covers how a WW2 orphan is sent to Australia and we tend to read a chapter each then switch to snack while the other reads.  However, after getting a few chapters in and me breaking to briefly explain why children were sent to Australia and how many were treated terribly in as child friendly terms as possible (Kitty is 9), she decided that she didn't want to continue the book until I'd read it first. She is such a sweet soul that she can't bear to read about suffering and so I will continue to read the book and let her know if I think she'll enjoy it. I was really drawn in by Michael Morpurgo's descriptions of the unknown through a child's eyes.

I got to thinking how I really love the escapism you get from children's books.  I remember reading Eragon and not being able to put it down! I'm sure I'm not the only one who reads their children's library, am I? I'll let you know how Michael Morpurgo's orphan Arthur gets on in 'Alone on a Wide Wide Sea' and what age I would recommend it for, other than 30 year old women ;)

Weekend wonder

Yes! It snowed in London on Saturday evening! The children had lots of fun and built a snowman the next day.  My favourite part was looking out at the eerily quiet street and the soft glow of the street lighting when it got late and being all cosy inside drinking hot chocolate and eating salted microwave popcorn after a warm bath.  So glad I kept the Christmas tree lights and wrapped them round my bed, made it feel even more magical :)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Browsing for bargains

Popped along to the shops today for the usual bits (nappies, wipes....yawn!) I'm getting better at stocking up now rather than running out of baby things and having to improvise.  For example, toilet roll and Mummy's moisturiser to clean Nelly Nova's bottom, sorry baby! Is that a fourth child thing? Where we're not as 'on it' as with our firsts? (Double sorry Nelly!!) Maybe it's a good thing we're not neurotic nutters once more babies come along, surely just going with the flow of things makes for a more relaxed child rearing experience, yes I believe I'm sticking with that story when she asks me in later life why I haven't filled in her baby book or can't remember as many 'milestones' as her oldest sibling ;)

On my travels had a quick stroll round River Island, probably to remind myself that there was a time when I was buying cool jeans and high footwear as opposed to baby vests and school blazers.  Came across a little sale corner and picked up some shoulder pads and a cross stitch graffiti pattern, all for a fiver! Cool huh? Now I just gotta find the time to sew in the shoulder pads to a cardigan I picked up that is a bit 'shapeless' and get cross stitching!!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

30 minute project!

The times I've heard people say they just don't have the time to make things or find things when I'm asked where stuff I've made or sought out has come from. Rubbish I say! To prove it I will post simply simple (thats not a typo, these will be simpler than simple I promise) 30 minute or roundabouts things to make or do for busy people! Everyone likes making things, getting messy and having fun it's just we as adults forget this sometimes... remember the pride you had as a kid when an adult praised a finger painting you took some time on, well who's to say you can't get that feeling as a twenty something, thirty something, fourty something gluer and painter?!
Personally I love the shock when people find out how cheap things can be found or made for, why spend spend spend when there's no need?........

Magazine Holder Revamp

1. Take a dreadfully boring basic magazine holder, some wallpaper sample (yes, it's free!!) and some scissors and glue.  Trace your magazine rack shape out on the back of your wallpaper sample.  Cut out all the pieces with nice sharp scissors. (sorry it's hard to make out where I traced in the photo, look carefully!)

2. Carefully apply your glue to wood and spread evenly making sure its not gloopy (you'll get a lumpy finish!) and edges are covered otherwise it will peel.  (I used my kids PVA craft glue and pinched an old paintbrush to spread it, don't tell them!)

3. Line up your wallpaper cutting and smooth onto wood, making sure there's no creasing or air/glue bubbles. Apply each wallpaper cutting to its correct side on magazine holder.  

4. Voila! My first (blogged) 30 minute project! So excuse any steps my baby brain may have missed! Don't they look nice?

Stay busy!

Do you ever feel that mundane things just get on top of you? Well I do and the last couple of weeks as much as I love my dear little baby she just doesn't seem to want Mummy to put her down for 2 minutes.  This would be fine but I do feel guilty when the other children need me and it would be so nice just to be able to hand her to someone for an hour so I could whizz round with a duster, or wash and dry my daughter's hair without leaving her calling me to come rinse the conditioner out to the point where the bath water turns cold!! I always remember a relative saying that in the 'good ol days' there was no time to be unhappy, people were far too busy. I guess the pace has changed but we have things easier money wise, have machines that do the housework for us, and roles are more flexible depending on your lifestyle choices.  But life's not all work work work, or it certainly shouldn't be.  So on that note despite my whinges of not having a moment to myself lately with a new baby, 3 school kids and a messy flat it's very important to turn a blind eye to the constant lists of things to do, and just do something because you felt like it.  Take joy in the little things and breathe deeply :)

Who needs someone to hold the baby?
Angels do sleep, just not for long!