Friday, 3 February 2012

Browsing for bargains

Popped along to the shops today for the usual bits (nappies, wipes....yawn!) I'm getting better at stocking up now rather than running out of baby things and having to improvise.  For example, toilet roll and Mummy's moisturiser to clean Nelly Nova's bottom, sorry baby! Is that a fourth child thing? Where we're not as 'on it' as with our firsts? (Double sorry Nelly!!) Maybe it's a good thing we're not neurotic nutters once more babies come along, surely just going with the flow of things makes for a more relaxed child rearing experience, yes I believe I'm sticking with that story when she asks me in later life why I haven't filled in her baby book or can't remember as many 'milestones' as her oldest sibling ;)

On my travels had a quick stroll round River Island, probably to remind myself that there was a time when I was buying cool jeans and high footwear as opposed to baby vests and school blazers.  Came across a little sale corner and picked up some shoulder pads and a cross stitch graffiti pattern, all for a fiver! Cool huh? Now I just gotta find the time to sew in the shoulder pads to a cardigan I picked up that is a bit 'shapeless' and get cross stitching!!

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