Thursday, 2 February 2012

Stay busy!

Do you ever feel that mundane things just get on top of you? Well I do and the last couple of weeks as much as I love my dear little baby she just doesn't seem to want Mummy to put her down for 2 minutes.  This would be fine but I do feel guilty when the other children need me and it would be so nice just to be able to hand her to someone for an hour so I could whizz round with a duster, or wash and dry my daughter's hair without leaving her calling me to come rinse the conditioner out to the point where the bath water turns cold!! I always remember a relative saying that in the 'good ol days' there was no time to be unhappy, people were far too busy. I guess the pace has changed but we have things easier money wise, have machines that do the housework for us, and roles are more flexible depending on your lifestyle choices.  But life's not all work work work, or it certainly shouldn't be.  So on that note despite my whinges of not having a moment to myself lately with a new baby, 3 school kids and a messy flat it's very important to turn a blind eye to the constant lists of things to do, and just do something because you felt like it.  Take joy in the little things and breathe deeply :)

Who needs someone to hold the baby?
Angels do sleep, just not for long!

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