Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hair goes nothing

So in an attempt to look good, feel good and all those optimistic live in the moment quotes self help books churn out, you know the kind, "no one will love you unless you love yourself" twerp I decided to dye my hair.  In all truth there was a buy 2 for £8 deal and on limited colours so I opted for 'real red' although as far as I'm aware red is red and I couldn't spot the 'not real red' but maybe they sold out?

Now home hair dying, no big deal right? Hmmm...think again, put a breast feeding baby that has no routine whatsoever and screams the place down as and when she sees fit into the mix, means me hesitantly guessing the right half hour slot where said infant will not need to attach herself to my boob.  Take old stinky bulldog that has a problem with his toileting habits and prefers the kitchen floor when no ones looking to making it down the stairs and doing his business in the garden (bulldogs really are THAT lazy and I live on the first floor).  Include REAL red itself, yes now I get it, REAL red, as in it's really red, my bath is REAL red, my floor is REAL red, my bloody neck and face are REAL RED!!

So I'm sitting with wet hair, dog shit in the kitchen, and a bathroom that looks like a massacre has taken place.  I'll have to wait to get the bleach out, sandpaper my face stains and then blow dry my hair, as dear baby is firmly attached. Oh and my hair, yes my new hair, my newly dyed hair isn't actually that red....

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