Friday, 14 December 2012

appreciate your loved ones

Despite being 'across the pond' I'm thinking about the terrible news in Newtown, Conneticut tonight.  I doubt any words of expression can adequately sum up such shocking horror.  I'm also thinking people will be just that bit more mindful of appreciating their little loved ones today.  Cherish the little things, do good and love life......

Sunday, 23 September 2012

other peoples junk

Ok, I said to myself I wouldn't take anymore junk until I had completed all my to do's and found a place for all the items waiting for a new use in the shed!

I swear  I walked past this for the last week and yesterday evening....have you noticed it's getting dark earlier? Sorry I'm side tracking...

 I took it, off the street, it was calling me saying "hey, I'm still here, take me with you!"
So yeah I took it off a heap of what looked like someones moving out junk.  So just to prove I've not got a problem with collecting trash this is going to be something really special, a chandelier type structure.  Definately not a 30 minute project but something lovely hanging above my table for the coming cozy autumn/winter months...
There is so many possibilities...


I've got to say I peed my pants a little when I saw that middle image, tiny plants hanging in jars, oh my goodness!!!

Watch this space ;)

Friday, 21 September 2012

big peoples wishlist

all images via urban oufitters

I get a little excited now it's that time to layer up! Autumn is finally creeping in upon us and the mornings are feeling alot cooler all of a sudden! I don't suppose it's too soon to ask Santa for a few bits ?....

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hand held devices

I couldn't access my blog earlier, you see my laptop's had it and is on it's last legs poor thing! Also I really didn't know how much you need the letter 'g' until the letter 'g' needs to be thumped a few times until it appears on screen! Arhhhh! Sorry I mean Arghhhh!!!

Earlier I made a point to turn off the TV, laptop, phone and just play with Nelly and tidy about the flat with no digital distractions...

it was peaceful and she seemed more content, not sure if I'm imaging this or want to admit that between giving my children attention I do tend to check my emails, send a text, that kind of thing if I'm honest and I know for a fact that other people do, I see it every day I could even go as far to say!

Anyway as I sit typing now after dinner I find everyone of us except baby is using some kind of electrical device.

You have 14 year old son on a mobile phone...

12 year old son on an Xbox...

10 year old daughter jumping around to a Nintendo Wii...

and me smashing away on my antique laptop...

I guess I shouldn't really be admitting all this...

but my point is, I'm always telling the kids to turn something off or moaning that they're not listening when they are using said computers/phones/etc yet I'm sometimes doing it myself. I really need to pick wisely when to grab their attention and be sure to have set times for digital usage then OFF.  No distractions or auto conversations where they or I are not really listening.

I probably should pretend we are going for an evening stroll with the dogs now and write a post on that but it's my turn on the Nintendo ;)


Are we becoming a dumbed down society?

Are we all unhealthily attached to our mobile phones?

How much time do you and your children spend online? 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

young mothers

After what I'm convinced is baby brain knocked my confidence to finding a nursing post when Nelly was around 3 months (in theory this was simple, in reality she is now 9 months, still exclusively breastfeeding plus I'm now single) my head lately has been whizzing around trying to figure out where I'm to take my skills, experience and training and what direction to go... I'd like to think I'm an inquisitive and motivated person and have been seeking a new 'path' in a way...

a few personal points lately also led me to where I'm taking this post...

I stumbled upon permaculture not so long ago (more about permaculture in an upcoming post) and the people care aspect really got me thinking...

about the 'types' of people who could benefit from network/community support...

which then, led me to search for available services available for teenage mums...

which in turn led me to search for blogs written by teenage mums...

as with any ideas and thoughts a web of never ending observations, thoughts, images etc accumulates and you arrive at a destination of sorts!

stay with me here!

the nurse in me has been checking out NICE guidelines and I am aware I have a long way to seek before I arrive at the bigger picture of available support...

however.... in case you were wondering...

  • the UK still has the one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in Western Europe
  • about one in 15 of all births are to young mothers (those under 20)
  • teens are three times more likely to suffer postnatal depression than older mums
  • teens are also a third less likely to breastfeed than older mums...
(ref: Department for Children, Schools and Families Publications, 2008)

the statistics go on, and on, and on.....

I'm still thinking about all this and what's being done and what needs to change...

I can't help feeling personally this is a social class issue rather than an age issue and this is where society is missing the point...

I've also asked my Facebook friends list to play a word association game when you mention the words 'teenage mum'... no Jeremy Kyle jokes as yet...

Is there enough support for pregnant teens?

Has society swept them under the carpet due to the public perception of teenage mothers?

What is your initial association with teen mums?

Were you a teenage mum?

Are you a teenage mum?

What can multi- agencies (healthcare, schools, charities, etc) do to improve services to teenage mothers and mother to be?

Monday, 17 September 2012

the long hair debate

I'm definately not the first person to admit I spend way too much time browsing Pinterest.  Especially of an evening when all the kids have gone to bed.

I stumbled upon this picture...

Now in 2009 I had a very similar cut, it was easy(ish) to maintain and after having long hair it felt liberating to chop it all off.  This cut in my opinion is lovely!
 Fast forward 2012 and my hair is long again now, longer than its been for a long time!  Not intentionally, I just have an allergy to the hairdressers and tend to visit maybe once a year, no joke! I can honestly tell you I have not been to a hairdresser since that chop in 2009!!! 

So... I saw this pic on Pininterest and mentioned to an unnamed friend that I really think it's time I go for something like this again....

and here comes the debate.  Her response was I must not as I need to enjoy having long hair while I can because once you're 'old' long hair just doesn't look right so I'll have the rest of my life to wear it short...


Apparently, in her humble opinion and many others for that matter (I've been on Google) long hair should be avoided as we age...

HHHMMMMM..... really?....

Like I said I've been on Google...





What do you think, can women of a certain age (I don't even know what age we're talking here?!) pull off long hair or do you prefer it cut short and neat?...

Sunday, 16 September 2012

sunday snapshots

from where I sit feeling so ill with a headache and sore swollen throat... I've not been ill in so long so going to be a lazy day if that's even possible with this lot! I'm sure my body is telling me the cold weather is coming and I really don't suit the colder months.  This time last year I was pregnant and the only time in my life I've not felt the cold...what does pregnancy do to change your norms?... I think I need to live in warmer climes, if you had the choice where in the world would you wish to live, and why?...

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Other peoples junk

It's funny how it is now quite fashionable to find and thrift these days.  Growing up being kitted out in car boot sale clothes and hand me downs we were always told if anyone asked to say our Auntie bought an outfit!  I kid you not! There's a flip side to everything and sadly now it's become cool, it makes my hobby sometimes harder to grab things before anyone else wants them or the charity shops where I find a piece I love charge ridiculous prices under the heading 'vintage'.  Is anyone else noticing this?

Anyhow, rant over, I definitely wanted to post about things I acquire when I had the idea to blog and what to blog about.  So to start me off so that I don't leave out all my favourite finds I'm going to do a back track of my top 5 favourite 'other peoples junk.' Just to catch up.  Then I will continue to post as and when I find stuff.

1. faux fur coat, cancer research, £30 - an uncharacteristic splurge just because I'd always wanted this style and colour and knew it would cost way more new. Turns out it was barely a season old at the time and originally retailed at £245 by Reiss!!

2. my beloved desk, noticed dumped beside an alley walking back from school one day,begged a lift back to rescue it, I originally had it in Kitty's room but it now resides in the corner of my living room piled with books, sewing machine and various to do's.

3. wardrobe, freecycle, therefore FREE! :) just love it, especially the handle and little labels inside!

4. fish tank, carboot sale, £6 !!! Accessories included, 3 danios not included, couple more fish to be added I think! Bargain! 

**please note it is important to cycle your tank before adding any fish and if buying a used tank be sure it is cleaned and prepared thoroughly before adding new fish .I had this running for 5 weeks before adding the danios and picked them for their hardiness.  So far they are thriving but I am not in any way knowledgeable regarding fish keeping so all advice to be sought from an expert :)

5. my shed, yes you heard right, my 8x6 shed, yet another lucky freecycle ad and couldn't believe my luck that it was in such good condition.  Only thing I had to buy was the screws!

Ooops did I say 5, sorry but I just can't leave out 'Rusty' £20, car boot sale, so make that top 6 ;)

What have you bought or found recently that was a steal?.....

*please excuse the TERRIBLE picture quality! All photos so far on the blog are taken with my phone :(
I hope to change this soon and would welcome any advice regarding good choice second hand cameras, but for now I'll just have to make do :)

Friday, 14 September 2012

On blogging and reviews

I have been reading blogs for a long time, always popping back each week to have a browse at a theme or meme.
I didn't always follow until I understood the ins and outs of the blogosphere! Still not quite there though! I'm kind of a learn as you go along kind of girl!

Being partly a blog on babies and children solely because I have babies and children I have spent many a snatched hour reading other parent blogs on parenting networks. I've done as advised and have been nosing to look for more shared themes and interests and whats struck me is the number of positively positive reviews for stuff that in little old me's humble opinion you just don't bloody need!!

Let me explain...

I live in a 2 bed flat...

I have 4 children...

and am short on funds....

not only do I not have the money to splurge on these so called 'essentials' I just don't have the bloody space either!

I've been hearing about nipple creams, nursing bras, odd shaped cushions...

people have gushed about baby baths, nappy bins and top and tail bowls...

I don't know about yours but my baby doesn't even have a tail?!

So as much as I love a well designed toy or  lovely well made children's clothes, or something beautiful handmade with love...

I would just like to ask...

What are the items you couldn't live without? What are the products you bought and really wish you hadn't bothered as they lay gathering dust in the corner?

Or maybe I just wish I had a nappy bin and a comfy place to rest my boobies so don't mind me ;)

c/o yesyesfancydress

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Oscar AKA grumpy persian cat

I think it's time I dedicated a post to Oscar.  You are probably wondering who or what is Oscar so here he is....

Oscar has always been grumpy, during his lifetime (he's only 7) he's been forced to live with 4 children, 4 different dogs, and various other pets including rats, fish, rabbits and chickens.  He also, as I'm sure you've gathered, has really long hair.   Make that fur.  Sadly Oscar doesn't like being groomed at all which makes for quite a scene when the dreaded brush or clippers come out. 

The latest addition in Oscars life is Nelly who now at 9 months has become OBSESSED with him.  I'm not exagerrating, she is NUTS about him.  Sadly Oscar is not flattered by all this unwanted attention and doesn't appreciate her slobbery kisses or over enthusiatic pulls and pats which Nelly just can't contain.

Her worst reaction is a high pitched squeal in his ear when she manages to grab his passing rubs (you know the sort when your cat is hungry and dances and brushes against you meowing and purring).  He is utterly disgusted ad alarmed when she does this squeal in his ears.

Oh Oscar, I'm sorry.  I was always a dog person really...

but lately I'm really warming to you

especially when you come and do this when she has her nap ;)

Does anyone else have a pet that has to tolerate a busy household or an exuberant baby ?  I'd love to hear about how you have made the transition of new situations easier for your pet...

big peoples wishlist


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

other peoples junk

Walking back from the school run, aptly named as usually includes us at least speed walking on the daily, I came across  a lovely space saving folding table which will work great in the boys room for homework and a little wooden unit that's a perfect height for Nelly. I'm tempted to make a little kitchen for her out of it so will research sweet wooden toy kitchens on the market for inspiration.

I just love finding stuff like this and giving it a new home.  I am a keeper of other peoples junk.  I've decided to do a top 5 of other peoples junk I've picked up that are my favourites.  In the mean time what have you found or bought for a bargain recently?

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

little peoples wishlist



* I am in love with the tiger leggings and as soon as Nelly is toddling about I just have to get her the dinosaur daysack with detachable reins and I've read it even has a dino hood! ROAR!!!

Monday, 10 September 2012

dress for less

top; River Island £14.99
skirt (dress tied at waist); F&F £6 (sale a/w 2010)
shoes; car boot sale 50p 
bag; River Island (very very old and tatty no idea how much at time as was in a bag of stuff given to me so free!)
necklace; charity shop £2.50
total: £23.99 

borrowed puppy not part of outfit but I just had to include her in this post

Sunday, 9 September 2012

30 minute project

So I got a little carried away with Rachel's crochet star tutorial and although they don't look in ANY way as nice or neat as hers (blush!) I still think they're cute! As I said in a previous post I am a complete beginner and have only just got started with crochet. The kids think they don't look at all like stars and in fact apparently look more like paint splodges but I'm cool with that ;)

And on that note...

c/o The Best of Design via facebook

Saturday, 8 September 2012

big peoples wish list


*only thing missing on this wishlist is the perfect cardigan for the cooler Autumn months. Any ideas?...