Saturday, 15 September 2012

Other peoples junk

It's funny how it is now quite fashionable to find and thrift these days.  Growing up being kitted out in car boot sale clothes and hand me downs we were always told if anyone asked to say our Auntie bought an outfit!  I kid you not! There's a flip side to everything and sadly now it's become cool, it makes my hobby sometimes harder to grab things before anyone else wants them or the charity shops where I find a piece I love charge ridiculous prices under the heading 'vintage'.  Is anyone else noticing this?

Anyhow, rant over, I definitely wanted to post about things I acquire when I had the idea to blog and what to blog about.  So to start me off so that I don't leave out all my favourite finds I'm going to do a back track of my top 5 favourite 'other peoples junk.' Just to catch up.  Then I will continue to post as and when I find stuff.

1. faux fur coat, cancer research, £30 - an uncharacteristic splurge just because I'd always wanted this style and colour and knew it would cost way more new. Turns out it was barely a season old at the time and originally retailed at £245 by Reiss!!

2. my beloved desk, noticed dumped beside an alley walking back from school one day,begged a lift back to rescue it, I originally had it in Kitty's room but it now resides in the corner of my living room piled with books, sewing machine and various to do's.

3. wardrobe, freecycle, therefore FREE! :) just love it, especially the handle and little labels inside!

4. fish tank, carboot sale, £6 !!! Accessories included, 3 danios not included, couple more fish to be added I think! Bargain! 

**please note it is important to cycle your tank before adding any fish and if buying a used tank be sure it is cleaned and prepared thoroughly before adding new fish .I had this running for 5 weeks before adding the danios and picked them for their hardiness.  So far they are thriving but I am not in any way knowledgeable regarding fish keeping so all advice to be sought from an expert :)

5. my shed, yes you heard right, my 8x6 shed, yet another lucky freecycle ad and couldn't believe my luck that it was in such good condition.  Only thing I had to buy was the screws!

Ooops did I say 5, sorry but I just can't leave out 'Rusty' £20, car boot sale, so make that top 6 ;)

What have you bought or found recently that was a steal?.....

*please excuse the TERRIBLE picture quality! All photos so far on the blog are taken with my phone :(
I hope to change this soon and would welcome any advice regarding good choice second hand cameras, but for now I'll just have to make do :)


  1. You really have found some bargains! I love the desk and I'm amazed at the shed, what a find.

    1. Thanks! My bikes my favourite although she really is called Rusty for a reason ;)

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