Wednesday, 5 September 2012

10 things about myself

Ok, off the top of my head without thinking too much into it, here goes, 10 facts about me...

1. I am a Leo.

2. I like, make that love book shops.

3. I make lists, lots of them, pretty much daily. My iPhone is full of them.

4. I was pregnant at 16, 18, 21 and 30.

5. I trained as a nurse and fell pregnant in my last term so have yet to be a 'practicing nurse'.

6. I am indecisive.

7. I am a terrible singer.

8. I love charity shops and car boot sales to the point my children beg me not to go in because they know I'll spend way too much time rummaging through stuff. 

9. I just learnt to crochet.  

10. I am obsessed with rearranging my furniture.

*so there you go, maybe I'll do another list when thinking of all the things I've left out or wish I'd have put instead which I know is going to happen (see fact 6.) For now I hope I've given a little bit about myself ;)

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