Thursday, 13 September 2012

Oscar AKA grumpy persian cat

I think it's time I dedicated a post to Oscar.  You are probably wondering who or what is Oscar so here he is....

Oscar has always been grumpy, during his lifetime (he's only 7) he's been forced to live with 4 children, 4 different dogs, and various other pets including rats, fish, rabbits and chickens.  He also, as I'm sure you've gathered, has really long hair.   Make that fur.  Sadly Oscar doesn't like being groomed at all which makes for quite a scene when the dreaded brush or clippers come out. 

The latest addition in Oscars life is Nelly who now at 9 months has become OBSESSED with him.  I'm not exagerrating, she is NUTS about him.  Sadly Oscar is not flattered by all this unwanted attention and doesn't appreciate her slobbery kisses or over enthusiatic pulls and pats which Nelly just can't contain.

Her worst reaction is a high pitched squeal in his ear when she manages to grab his passing rubs (you know the sort when your cat is hungry and dances and brushes against you meowing and purring).  He is utterly disgusted ad alarmed when she does this squeal in his ears.

Oh Oscar, I'm sorry.  I was always a dog person really...

but lately I'm really warming to you

especially when you come and do this when she has her nap ;)

Does anyone else have a pet that has to tolerate a busy household or an exuberant baby ?  I'd love to hear about how you have made the transition of new situations easier for your pet...

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  1. What a big softy he is, I can completely see why your little one wants to give him kisses. He is beautiful, and perhaps while he doesn't like to admit it, being a guy and all, it looks like he might be quietly pleased to have his own fan club. :)