Sunday, 23 September 2012

other peoples junk

Ok, I said to myself I wouldn't take anymore junk until I had completed all my to do's and found a place for all the items waiting for a new use in the shed!

I swear  I walked past this for the last week and yesterday evening....have you noticed it's getting dark earlier? Sorry I'm side tracking...

 I took it, off the street, it was calling me saying "hey, I'm still here, take me with you!"
So yeah I took it off a heap of what looked like someones moving out junk.  So just to prove I've not got a problem with collecting trash this is going to be something really special, a chandelier type structure.  Definately not a 30 minute project but something lovely hanging above my table for the coming cozy autumn/winter months...
There is so many possibilities...


I've got to say I peed my pants a little when I saw that middle image, tiny plants hanging in jars, oh my goodness!!!

Watch this space ;)

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