Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hand held devices

I couldn't access my blog earlier, you see my laptop's had it and is on it's last legs poor thing! Also I really didn't know how much you need the letter 'g' until the letter 'g' needs to be thumped a few times until it appears on screen! Arhhhh! Sorry I mean Arghhhh!!!

Earlier I made a point to turn off the TV, laptop, phone and just play with Nelly and tidy about the flat with no digital distractions...

it was peaceful and she seemed more content, not sure if I'm imaging this or want to admit that between giving my children attention I do tend to check my emails, send a text, that kind of thing if I'm honest and I know for a fact that other people do, I see it every day I could even go as far to say!

Anyway as I sit typing now after dinner I find everyone of us except baby is using some kind of electrical device.

You have 14 year old son on a mobile phone...

12 year old son on an Xbox...

10 year old daughter jumping around to a Nintendo Wii...

and me smashing away on my antique laptop...

I guess I shouldn't really be admitting all this...

but my point is, I'm always telling the kids to turn something off or moaning that they're not listening when they are using said computers/phones/etc yet I'm sometimes doing it myself. I really need to pick wisely when to grab their attention and be sure to have set times for digital usage then OFF.  No distractions or auto conversations where they or I are not really listening.

I probably should pretend we are going for an evening stroll with the dogs now and write a post on that but it's my turn on the Nintendo ;)


Are we becoming a dumbed down society?

Are we all unhealthily attached to our mobile phones?

How much time do you and your children spend online? 


  1. I find I am spending far too much time online at the moment, and probably (definitely) have the TV on too much...oops! Alex is nearing 3 and if he had the chance would be playing with something technical quite a lot of the time too!

    1. I know there are so many positives regarding what technology can do for us and the available information at the click of a button but there is a flip side isn't there?! I agree with the TV sometimes just being background noise almost!!