Saturday, 26 May 2012

On being only human

Seasons change and I now sit here with an almost 6 month old, an ex partner that wants to erase the 'ex'part like it never was and a big fat question mark over my future plans. I visited my dad today, sat on an allotment in the middle of London in the hot sun surrounded by birds and bees and on the radio the song playing was OB LA DI, OB LA DA....

....And I smile because life really does go on (if you're lucky)

I think it's time to write my blog as me as all the advice about 'just be yourself' kinda put me off doing it as I just haven't been myself and didn't want to come across as too positive being newly seperated with four kids, plus I'm really not sure if the seperated bit was a permanent or not part of my life.Wow I'm waffling now! Sorry!

How do we choose what is right for us and those around us? How do we weigh up the pros and cons? Do we ever know what's around the corner?.... Wish I could ask Desmond and Molly Jones ;)


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