Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Crochet away!

So I've been wanting to crochet for years!  Having tried half heartedly a couple of times but never really hit it off, a couple of weeks ago on yet another attempt at watching a few YouTube videos and a few peeks at various books/magazines I've collected over the years, I've finally managed to hook some samples that could actually pass as crochet!  I'm chuffed :)

So for now I'm just going to keep hooking? yarning? crocheting away?!  My next challenge will be to actually follow a pattern and try to make something purposeful!

I'm just finding it really calming and therapeutic when I have a moment to myself.  A couple of blogs I stumbled upon that have excited me on the subject are cornflower blue studio and Attic24.  Maybe at some point in the future I'll be good enough to follow the projects and patterns shown.  I love the little stars on Rachel's blog and could use them for a cute garland for Nelly or even stitch a few to her clothing!

So on this breezy London evening I'm going to enjoy my SMALL glass of wine, read my craft magazine and practice my crochet ;)

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